Conference organization

Conference & Seminar Organing:

Our Conference organization Services is one of the most well established organization which offers services for local and International companies to organize conferences and events. Our Conference organization department takes care of all needs of conference services. We have offices in Karachi Lahore & Islamabad which makes us ideal choice for making arrangements in any part of Pakistan. Some of our services are:-

Conference in Pakistan

  • Airport and Venue Transfers
  • Hotel Room reservations
  • Hotel Hall Arrangement
  • Conference venue Arrangements
  • Visitor Registration
  • Printing of brochures and forms
  • Co-ordinate with government Authorities for different arrangements
  • Arrange local expertise from Pakistan
  • Arrange primary and secondary data for events
  • Do Market research

    We have experience and expertise in handling the conferences and events of small and bigger sizes. We have handled team building activities in the high mountains of Pakistan, We have handled product launch events and also conferences.

    Our Key benefits which keep us above any other event management company.

    � We have contracted rates of hotel rooms, meals and venues all over Pakistan.
    � We have complete knowledge of every part of Pakistan Including the remotest areas.
    � We have knowledge and capability to manage events at places where no other company can even offer services eg: Mountain areas base camps of Nanga Parbat K2, Cholistan, Thar desert, old forts like Rani kot Kot DG, Rohtas fort etc etc.
    � We have in-house IT enabled event & conference management system Where participants can be registered online, Accommodation and special requests can be made online by the participants, Organizers can track all the activity going on online
    � We provide complete database of events to the organizers.
    � We publish complete event information on our web site which is visited by over 1000 unique visitors daily, this giver projection and exposure to your event.
    � Having contracted rates and good relations with hotels and venues we will get you the best rates possible.
    � We can mange conference give a-ways, Bags, conference CDs, and other material which you may require.
    � We work with the top printers to print material from the brochures to registration forms and the posters.

    Secrecy and confidence. (We build your brand not ours.)

    We do not promote ourselves on your event we give you completer comfort in managing the event or conference. We do not use our name at any level except for getting the best rates for your events from our suppliers, hoteliers and venues.

    Pre & Post event activities

    We also organize special pre & post activities for the participants of conference or event which includes special tours, city or town orientation, competition, Musical Shows dramas, puppet shows and many other programs can be organized.

    Charity Shows

    We can also organize special charity shows or events for your organization

    Relations with media

    We have relations with all the medial Including Print TV & Radio for exposure of your events. We also have access to all the celebrities and we can invite them if needed for performance or as guests during the event.

    Lecturers & moderators

    This is possibly the most unique edge that we have. We have a database and access to over 500 lecturers on different subjects in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK & Dubai who can be invited to come and deliver a lecture during the event of conference. We also have access to the local lecturers and emperies who can be organized to come and deliver their expertise to your participants.

    Contact us today to embark on your unforgettable journey with our exceptional Conference organizer services. Allow us to create an extraordinary celebration!

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